Name of the participant and other supporting staff if relevant

Lucia Walsh, and Alacoque McAlpine

Name of the module and discipline, level and  year of study and any useful background info

This CERL project, which is still in the planning stages, is designed to address Generation Z’s concerns about Climate Change, in the context of sustainability being a ‘wicked problem’. It’s also in line with TU Dublin’s strategic focus on People, Partnership and Planet, and the new University Education Model which is being developed.

Lucia and Alacoque plan to develop a transdisciplinary module for Postgraduate students. They have got funding to support this from the Growth Hub Project in TU Dublin, which is about supporting entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour.

Name of community partner and/or any other supporting partners (public or private sector)

Students will partner with public bodies, local authorities, NGOs or social enterprises.

CERL project title(s) – (10 words concise description)

Postgraduate students will work in transdisciplinary teams to develop entrepreneurial approaches to sustainability issues. SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth.

What you changed about your programme/course in relation to CERL

This will be a new module.

Can you provide any tangible info – e.g. module descriptor, learning outcomes, assignments, assessment criteria


They are drawing on similar modules from Stanford, King’s College and Newcastle University. In order to develop the learning outcomes they are using the ENRRICH Tool, and Greencomp and Entrecomp, which map sustainability and entrepreneurial outcomes.

How was it taught:

·        number of students

·        student groupwork or individual,

·        how they worked with the partner,

·        how the project proceeded,

·        any reflection done with students,

·        evaluation or formal assessment of their learning,

·        tech used

·        Anything else interesting?

Students will work on real sustainability issues, in collaboration with public or non-profit bodies as partners. They will use entrepreneurial tools such as business or social model canvas, to map out solutions. In transdisciplinary teams they aim to break down disciplinary silos to address sustainability challenges and wicked problems. 

Current Development Stage – Defining LO’s & TLA methods

 Overall impressions – what are we missing?

Learning outcomes – what should we remember to include?

Pilot – any disciplines that would work well/not well together?

Any other feedback/comments?

What did your students learn or how will they benefit?

They will develop a range of employability, global citizenship and entrepreneurial skills.

Anything else you want to do, moving forward with your CERL practice?

Lucia and Alacoque welcome feedback or ideas on their CERL module proposal and plans. These can be sent to