At the beginning of Summer, from 28th of June until 2th of July, our colleagues of the Science Shop at the University of Groningen organised the Living Knowledge Online Festival in collaboration with the partners of the Living Knowledge Network and the InSpires consortium. 270 participants joined in for live panel discussions, workshops and video presentations. Curious to re-watch some of these sessions and get inspired about community engaged practices? Go and explore them here.  

Some of the members of the CIRCLET Consortium participated during this online festival, sharing their insights concerning community engagement.  

* Emma McKenna for Queen’s University Belfast and Réka Matolay from Corvinus University Budapest facilitated a thematic discussion on education and youth. Emma also presented the general goals of the CIRCLET project and how it aims to support academic staff to embed CERL in their modules. Her introduction can be found on the top right corner!  

* Catherine Bates and Sinead McCann from TUDublin shared some lessons learned from piloting the CIRCLET module for lectures on rethinking teaching to include community engaged research and learning. Their contribution can be re-watched here (scroll to end of the page). Catherine also co-facilitated a thematic session on science shop methodologies with Norbert Steinhaus from the Bonn Science Shop.

* Linde Moriau from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel presented the engagement CUBE, a comprehensive framework for engaged campus-community strategies. This conceptual tool aims to facilitate a better understanding of dilemmas and paradoxes that are inherent to campus-community partnerships and egagements. An academic paper on the engagement CUBE is forthcoming – we’ll keep you updated!  

Last but not least: the 9th Living Knowledge Conference will be hosted from June 29th until 1 July in Groningen, The Netherlands. Let’s hope we’ll all be able to meet each other there, healthy and well – and in real life.