At the height of Summer 2021, the CIRCLET project finds itself in the transition from its first to its second cycle.
The ideal moment to share some reflections from our first ‘alumni’ with you, and to take you along to what lies ahead!

Some interesting feedback on CIRCLET

On the local Learning Circles:

“The most useful part was when we discussed the evaluation of the projects and how the civil partner saw it. Also, it was always great to talk about teaching practices and to share insights regarding the difficulties.”

“For me, the added value lies, amongst others, in the academic vocabulary to document what I’ve been experiencing for the last 6 years in my CERL activites.”

“I have greatly strengthened my ability to plan, execute and reflect on involving community partners in teaching and learning.”

“As a result of CIRCLET, I see myself as profesionallt revitalised; I want to carry on and will incorporate the methodology into my scientific area.”

On the International Learning Circle:

“It was uplifting to see that academics all around Europe face the same challenges.”

“I learned a lot about CERL approaches, techniques (like photovoice) and it was great to be with the lovely group.”

“The application of CERL in other disciplines has been a real eye opener for me. The fundamentals are more or less the same but the application is were the real challenge can be.”

On the International Training Activity (writing workshop):

“I feel I have a better understanding of how to look for constructive feedback, in a more structured way than I usually do. Also I have a good process that I can draw on for my next writing project.”

“The best part of this training was when we had to tell and re-tell each others story. More of such activities would be lovely.”

Our colleagues at VUB made a nice visual gathering some of the most striking concluding remarks:

What lies ahead?

The consortium members are very happy to announce that, as we speak:

– no less than 28 lecturers and researchers will take part in next year’s Learning Circles,
– and 14 of their colleagues will join the Online Module during the first semester!

Not to forget that we will be running our International Learning Circle again as well! More info will follow soon.

And last but not least, in May 2022, there will be an international Learning Teaching and Training Activity in Barcelona, including a writing seminar. (Facetoface training is preferred, but as with all our plans, it may move online if there are travel restrictions.)

We are looking forward! Stay tuned for more blogposts and updates – such as the launch of our Interactive Map later this year and the sharing of this project’s outcomes and deliverables!