Now that the summer break is slowly coming to an end, the different consortium members are looking forward to kicking off the new (and last!) CIRCLET year together. Some exciting things are coming up in September:  

* TU Dublin is hosting their first local Learning Circle on the 10th of September, gathering students and staff to strengthen their collaborations with local community partners.

* From the 13th until the 17th of September, the CERL team of the VUB in Brussels is organising the very first Summerschool at the USquare site.  

“The aim of this 5-day event is to offer an experimental playground where diverse urban actors can inspire one another and initiate processes of collaborative city- making. Participants will be involved in field trips, discussions, co-creation ateliers, … to explore the possibilities of “in-between spaces” as spaces of inclusion, collaboration and transformation.”  

* Thursday 16 and Friday 17th of September the 4th European Conference on Service-Learning in Higher Education is taking place in Bucharest, Romania.  This two-day conference is currently still organised in a hybrid form, but participants will be warmly welcomed in-situ should travel restrictions loosen. Registrations are still open for all those interested! 

“Focusing on the contemporary challenges of university-community engagement and partnerships, the 4th European Conference on Service-Learning offers space and time for critical reflection on community engagement, the need for embedding Service Learning in the curriculum, and the value of practical experiences in Service Learning for students, teachers, and community partners.”  

* Our colleagues at Corvinus University Budapest are launching their first local Learning Circle on 27th of September! 

We’ll keep you posted about the dates of Learning Circle in Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Queen’s University Belfast

Featured image by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash