To document and showcase the redesigned CERL courses within the learning circles and to inspire new audiences of intermediaries between education/science and society, educators etc., we will present inspiring CIRCLET course practices in an innovative, dynamic and online accessible way – to reach as far as possible. As the core part of this showcasing and documenting process, interactive maps of the five partner regions will be designed, visualising the connections between the local regions and the redesigned CERL courses, with hyperlinks to extensive information on the collaborations, outputs, and learning.

These will include an innovative range of formats, such as video reflections from educators, students and other participants; written and graphical representations of the processes of transforming the modules, building the relationships between the stakeholders, identifying and overcoming challenges to implementation, final evaluation outcomes, and planned next steps; and written documents such as module descriptors. In this way, collaborations between educators, students and community partners in the local region will be made tangible and visible. Through clicking on the different regional maps, information on participating CSOs, students, topics, research methods, results etc. within each course will become visible and easy accessible for a wide public.

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