Last week, the members of the CIRCLET consortium came together digitally to kickstart the last year of the CIRCLET project. Together, we did an awful lot for three days in a row:  

WELCOMING some new colleagues who will support the project in these final months. Many thanks to them for their fresh ideas, creative approaches and inciting enthusiasm.

SHARING our plans for both the local and international learning circles that will be kickstarted in the weeks to come. We exchanged ideas on how to adequately support our academic staff in their numerous  engagements with communities all over Europe.

DISCOVERING new perspectives on the Circlet project using a design communication methodology and constructing a shared manifesto that can guide our engaged plans in the future. (Who knows, maybe we’ll soon see a Circlet 2.0…)

MAPPING exemplary CERL projects and presenting them through an interactive map that will allow enthusiasts to be inspired by the dozens of projects that bring universities and communities closer together.

DISSEMINATING all the lessons learned in the past years through teach-the-teachers manuals, top notch academic papers and conference-contributions.

WORKING TOWARDS the different multiplier events that each of the consortium members will host next spring, hoping to wrap up and sustain the outcomes of the different learning circles.  

REFLECTING on how we can make sure the final CIRCLET conference next summer will be an unforgettable one.

PLANNING for the International Learning Circles that will be taking place next semester, bringing together participants from 5 different countries for an exciting mix of relation, action and content.

DREAMING of seeing each other in real live, meeting beyond the screen. Maybe during the 9th Living Knowledge Conference from 29th of June until 1st of July in Groningen, The Netherlands?

LISTENING to the Circlet playlist, compiled of those songs that never fail to energize us.