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For whom?

If you’re a lecturer in one of the 5 partner universities

And you want to…

  • Offer your students real-world community-engaged learning
  • Support local communities through curriculum-based collaboration
  • Explore how to best use educational technology to support community engagement
  • Address Sustainable Development Goals with students and partners at local level
  • Build your local and international network
  • Turn your practice into publications

What is it about?

You can apply for:

  • our local and/or international learning circles: regular meetings of small peer groups of lecturers who share learning and to explore issues and solutions.


  • our online module: weekly webinars with regular small assessments, individual and group work, alongside local and international peers.

For more information about (the difference between) the learning circles and the online module, please read the Call and the Essential Document per partner institution below.

How do I apply?

  • Look for the information box of your university below
  • Read the Call and Document with Essential Information of your university carefully before applying
  • Appy via the application link in the Call Document
  • Is there anything unclear or do you have question? Please contact your local CIRCLET coordinator

Want to know what it means to be part of the CIRCLET-community?

“What I am most proud of is having been able to verify, through my own experience, the value of collaborative work. This is something that I’ve been researching and writing about for a long time. Through the use of the MIRO tool, the participants have shared ideas and proposals and have collectively enriched our knowledge. It has been an opportunity to learn and discover new strategies to share and collaborate with each other and also with the third sector.”

Sandra Sanz-Martos

Doctor in Information and Knowledge Society , Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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Queen’s university of Belfast

TU Dublin


Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Corvinus University of Budapest



Vrije Universiteit Brussel