The Living Knowledge Network is an important partner for the CIRCLET project. The network is composed of persons active in -or supportive of- Science Shops and Community Based Research. Living Knowledge aims to foster public engagement with, and participation in, all levels of the research and innovation process.

The Living Knowledge website contains, amongst others, a toolbox. This toolbox “will empower new Science Shops and people working in community based research in developing professional standards and enable existing Science Shops to refine and improve their practice through professional know-how.”

To see a framework for embedding engaged research into the curriculum in Higher Education, produced by the partners on the EU Horizon 2020 funded EnRRICH project, see the EnRRICH Tool

Find collaborative reflection tools through the Reflection4Learning website.

With Impact Wizard you can make your project’s social impact visible.

Read George Aye’s piece on power and collaboration, which concerns design education, but is relevant to any collaboration.

Find information on and inspiring practical examples of engaged learning brought together on the online platform of Europe Engage.

More inspiration can be found in the Themed Resource List on Key Topics Relevant to Community Engaged Research and Learning compiled by our TUDublin colleagues



VIDEO: TU Dublin Students learning with Communities – Facilitating Student Reflection

Books and articles

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Community-Engaged Research in Ireland: an introduction to the principles of Community-Engaged Research, a handbook on how to do engaged research, and a series of policy recommendations to support it, as well as ‘how-to’ guides. TU Dublin staff contributed to this Campus Engage report, which includes TU Dublin (formerly DIT) case studies – click here.

To find a range of Irish resources on curriculum-based engaged learning and teaching, and research, see Campus Engage’s Participate Programme resources


To learn more about how CERL is embedded at the VUB, and to find both local and international resources, go to Univer.City’s website and the website of the Science Shop (both in Dutch). There is also a webpage on CERL/CSL at Ghent University (Dutch) and at the KU Leuven (Dutch and English).

United Kingdom

The UK’s National Coordinating Center for Public Engagement offers a lot of free tools and great examples on their website.


The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya offers an interesting Guide to participatory methodologies, aimed at its implementation.