Are you interested in the topic of educational innovation through the involvement of students in research activities and collaborative practices with society?  

That means… 

  • Learning how innovative learning communities for teachers & researchers can be used to strengthen community engagement. 
  • Debating how to rethink education and research with and for local communities through community engagement experts. 
  • Stimulating reflection through our CIRCLET reflective journal.   
  • Getting inspired by CIRCLET’s case-studies.  
  • Bringing together people from all over Europe and beyond interested in educational innovation through community engagement. 

And you are part of the university staff as a lecturer, researcher or administrator and you want to… 

  • Offer your students real-world community-engaged learning. 
  • Support local communities through curriculum-based collaboration. 
  • Explore how to best use educational technology to support community engagement. 
  • Build your local and international network. 

COME, LEARN AND SHARE your own experiences with us! 

The CIRCLET team is pleased to invite you to this fast-forward online conference on June 14, 2022. The CIRCLET project was designed to develop and support the role of academics in Science Shop projects. So far, more than 100 academics have been experimenting with building community engaged research and learning (CERL) into their curriculum & research projects teaching across a wide range of disciplines in our five partner universities:   

Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) 

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) 

Corvinus University of Budapest (Corvinus)

Technological University of Dublin (TU Dublin) 

Open University of Catalonia (UOC) 

Throughout these interactive sessions we will give you some inspiration to strengthen your capacity to improve learning outcomes for students by redesigning curricula. You will have the chance to reflect, share or improve your own practices by getting inspired by the project partners learning from this 3-years ERASMUS+ project.  


Notice that you will be able to follow the highlights of this innovative teaching approach via twitter @CIRCLET_EU during the following weeks. 

This is the CIRCLET Final Conference and has been coordinated by Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).